Sunday, January 13, 2013

welcome to scholarshipsms: get instant sms alert on undergraduate scholarship information

scholarshipsms website is dedicated to service Nigerian student with sms alert on undergraduate scholarship information from trusted and genuine companies and NGO's in Nigeria.we send only genuine and trusted university undergraduate scholarship information  like SHELL, CHEVRON, AGIP, MOBIL, TOTAL, AGBAMI, NNPC, NDDC, ADDAX, LNG, PTDF TOEF and lots more to student in various department either in 100 level or 200 level, so instead of searching through the internet and getting false and fake information on scholarship info, we have decided to offer reliable service by doing the search and making sure it is genuine and confirmed.

so many undergraduate student falls victim of getting the wrong and fake scholarship information in Nigeria due to the rush to get registered.scholarship registration is meant to be free for all undergraduate student in Nigeria whether in 100 level or 200 level, so no student is expected to pay money to apply except for genuine one's like PTDF where student are required to purchase their scratch card before they can apply which is confirmed

we also send scholarship aptitude test material GMAT in PDF format to the email address of all student who registered, so register today, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

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