Thursday, July 25, 2013

how to successfully complete your registration for AGIP/NAOC 2013/2014 scholarship batch B

I have received series of message from my subscrbers/members asking me if they are suppose to get a photocard after applying for agip/naoc 2013 scholarship. I have also noticed that not only my subscribers/members but also many undergraduate students are making the mistake of applying for agip/naoc scholarship be it first batch or batch B without downloading their photocard and taking it to their HOD or DEAN to sign and then reuploading the signed photocard back to the website to successfully complete their registration.all undergraduate students that have applied for the agip/naoc 2013/2014 batch B are espected to get a photo card from the website and reupload it after it has been duely signed and stamped by their respective departmental or faculty officers in charge ( HOD or DEAN ).

here is how to complete your registration for AGIP/NAOC 2013 batch B

please follow the instruction carefully,

STEP 1 ==> visit the website we sent to you via sms and click on registration to apply.

STEP 2 ==> after filling in your personal details and uploading of credentials, click the submit button.guess this is where many people are making the mistake.they thought that after clicking the submit/finish button, they are done with the application.

if you are among those that did it and end the registration there, then you have not yet completed your are espected to click on VERIFY BUTTON at where you clicked the APPLY BUTTON.

STEP 3 ==> click the VERIFY BUTTON and login as usual with same details you used when you registered.when you are logged in, you will see an option to download your verification photo card which you are to print out in coloured and take it to your HOD OR DEAN to sign and stamp.

STEP 4 ==> after your HOD or DEAN must have signed and stamp it, you are espected to scan it and the format should be a picture extension e.g ( JPG or PNG ) and then visit the scholarship website and click on the VERIFY BUTTON again,then login as usual.

STEP 5 ==> when you are logged in, you will see upload option, click it and upload the scanned signed photo card,then click the finish BUTTON to successfully complete your application.


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