Wednesday, January 22, 2014

TOTAL undergraduate scholarship : details you should know

Total scholarship is mostly for undergraduate students in tertiary institution like university, if you are in any university or polytechnic in Nigeria and you meet up the requirement to apply for total scholarship, then i will advice you not to miss out when it is time to register.most undergraduate student do miss it because they lack information as to when the registration is scholarship comes out just once annually and if you miss it, then you would have to wait till the following year and maybe by then you would be in 200 level and the scholarship registration is only meant for 100 and 200 level student in Nigerian universities or polytechnics.i will share with you a detail requirement which you must know about total undergraduate scholarship.

the idea for sharing this information is to enable you prepare yourself especially when you are in 100 level first semester so as you can meet up the CGPA requirement before your second semester in other to be among those that would be eligible to take part in the are the details you should know.

total undergraduate scholarship requirement details to note

first of all, you should know by now that total scholarship comes in two category,

the total national merit award.this is for non oil producing in this option, any indigene can apply as far as you are a Nigerian in any tertiary institution in Nigeria (universities, polytechnics).we have the second category which is

the Area of Operation merit award (for indigenes of a particular state oil producing).this category is for indigenes of an oil producing is meant for only indigenes in a particular region of an oil producing state and not all the indigenes that are from that take note of that because so many students don't understand this aspect and they end up not getting invitation to come for their aptitude test.

for example, in a state like Abia, Akwa Ibom, Imo, Rivers and Bayelsa states, they do give them area of operation merit award but note that it will not be for all the indigenes that are from such is only meant for a particular region of indigenes in such state where total is producing oil.

in many case almost all indigene of the state use this option to apply regardless whether their local governent region is among or not just to try their luck.

lets proceed to more requirements.

according to them, undergraduate student that are qualified must either be an 100level or 200level student. so please read the instruction before applying.


Agricultural Sciences
Business Administration
Banking & Finance
Computer Sciences
Environmental Sciences
Pure and Applied Sciences
Land & Quantity Surveying
Medical Sciences


=> Proof of SSCE or equivalent certificate
=> JAMB UME scores
=> Shool Admission Letter
=> student ID card
=> passport
=> local government identification letter

you have read the requirements, so always prepare those listed documents and put them in place before then.soon, Total scholarship 2014 will commence, so register today and be among the first that will get the information via SMS alert when it commenced.register and never miss any of the latest scholarship in Nigeria.also as a registered member, you will get a copy of scholarship past questions and answers which you can use for practice before going for any scholarship.this scholarship past question is only available for registered members

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