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how to successfully apply for total 2014 scholarship

total 2013/2014 scholarship has commence for university students to apply.many of my members are finding it difficult to apply for the 2014 total national merit scholarship.the method of applying for total scholarship is quite different from the rest like chevron, agbami, shell, pdtf, agipfederal gov scholarship because their website is not a static page that will require you to fill in your personal and academic details such as name,waec,jamb result etc and then click on the next button to which will load the page to continue to the next scholarship website has been programmed to prevent one from refreshing it and or clicking the back button should in case you wanted to go back or refresh when you made a mistake.if you refresh or click the back button from your web browser, you have to start all over again if you did not save the last session of your details before taking such in this post, i will share with you on how to successfully apply for 2014 total undergraduate scholarship

it is not difficult, just follow the instructions i am going to show you and you should be done processing yours without any problem.

here is the steps.

how to apply for total scholarship

==> visit the link to the registration portal i have sent to you via SMS

==> when the registration portal is opened, scroll to the top right navigation bar, you will see a button called on it

==> after clicking the APPLY button, from the next page, scroll down, you will see an option like SCHOLARSHIP NAME, PROGRAMME, QUALIFICATION IN VIEW, CLOSING DATE

under the option PROGRAMME, you will see the UNDERGRADUATE will take you to the next page with instructions process your scholarship registration.i will explain according to them with my own terms


==> You are required to apply only once. You will be DISQUALIFIED if you apply twice.this is self explanatory. please don't apply multiple times else you will be disqualified

==> DO NOT REFRESH YOUR BROWSER OR CLICK YOUR BROWSER BACK BUTTON WHILE APPLYING.this means that in the process of making your registration on the website, you should not refresh the page or press back button from your browser.if you want to go back, there should be a button on the total page to use.don't use the back button that is on the web browser you are using.take note of that else you would have to restart the process again

==> Click on the GET YOUR PIN button to generate your PIN for the application. PLEASE KEEP PIN SAFE AS IT WILL BE REQUIRED FOR UPDATES DURING THE COURSE OF THE APPLICATION EXERCISE.this means that after clicking on the get pin, the website will generate a pin for you and you have to keep it safe.just store it on your mobile phone message draft or write it some where on your note.

you may ask why this pin is important, it is important because if you want to edit you details as a result of mistake or to update it, you will need the pin to login back using the update by record button instead of the fresh application.hope you understand

==> Click on the START button to continue with your application.after clicking on the get pin to generate your pin, a start button will appear, just click on the button to start your registration

==> Disclaimer: Read the DISCLAIMER information and click on the ACCEPT button to proceed with your application, otherwise click on the DECLINE button to abort application.

this simply means you have the option to accept and start your registration or you can reject and leave the website.if you click on decline, that means you are not ready to register but if you click on accept, that means you are ready to register and accept their terms and conditions.

==> Biodata:

Fill out the bio-data form.You must fill out all fields marked * (asterisk) in the bio-data form. You are required to enter a valid e-mail address.Click on the NEXT button to proceed to the next step of the application process.

this means that you are expected to fill in your correct personal details such as NAME, STATE, LGA, MARITAL STATUS, NEXT OF KIN's, CONTACT ADDRESS, EMAIL, PLACE OF BIRTH etc.don't fill in fake details else you will have yourself to be blamed. they mention some thing called asterisk, this means that any part of the form that has the asterisk symbol, it is important you will it and use correct details while filling it because it is very won't be allowed to go further if you don't fill it

==> Family Details:

Fill out the family details form.Click on the NEXT button to proceed to the next step of the application process.

you are expected to fill in your family background will have to fill your fathers name, mothers maiden name, state, village/community etc.just fill it appropriately.

==> Tertiary Institution Details:

Enter your higher education details.Click on the NEXT button to proceed to the next step of the application process.

at this point, you will have to insert your university details which includes your level, course duration, year of admission, matriculation number etc.i believe you can be able to provide what they ask of, so take all your document to where you want to process the registration.

==> O'Level Result:

Fill out the O'level details form. Instructions on how to enter your O level details is available on the form. Click on the NEXT button to proceed to the next step of the application process.

this is where you will have to fill in your secondary school details like WAEC/NECO, JAMB will also have to upload a scanned copy of the o'level result in the format they specified

==> Upload Photo:

Upload your passport photograph not larger than 30KB in size. Click on the NEXT button to complete your application process.your passport is one of the first things you will upload to start the registration .you will have to upload your passport photograph not larger than 30kb. this means that your passport should not above 30kb in the person that is processing the registration should Resize it to something close to 25-28 kb because anything above 30kb will prevent you from completing the registration

note that after completing your registration, you will have to download and printout a photo card which you will then take to your HOD or DEAN of faculty to sign and stamp.please they should sign and stamp it to make it authentic.

also after signing it, you will have to re-upload the signed copy and keep the original safely because you will need it for verification when you are invited for their test

==> If you are applying for the first time, Click on the FRESH APPLICATION button and click CONTINUE to proceed with your application.

If you have applied before but wish to edit your record, Click on the UPDATE MY RECORD button and click CONTINUE to proceed with your update.

hope you have gotten some thing out of this explanation. so do the right thing.

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