Sunday, May 25, 2014

Important Documents To Carry Along With You When Going For Scholarship Aptitude Test/Exam

after being shortlisted for any scholarship aptitude test or exam,there is need to prepare every documents that is necessary for verification as that may disqualify you from writing the many candidate makes this mistake a lot and they end up not writing the test.just imagine after getting to the venue where the test or exam is to take place,you forgot you did not carry some of the vita documents like WAEC/NECO result,school admission letter , jamb admission letter or result and because of that you were disqualified from writing the test.isn't that painful,yes it is,so there is need to prepare your documents down and keep it inside a long envelop or bag the previous day before the exam,that way you may not  forget the documents needed for verification.i am going to list some of the important documents and items to take along with you when going for any scholarship aptitude test or exam,be it SHELL, CHEVERON, AGBAMI,NNPC/TOTAL, AGIP, MOBI SCHOLARSHIP please it is very important you prepare all the documents before thinking of any other stuffs.

list of important documents and items to take along with you on any scholarship test or exam

==> school admission letter

==> jamb admission letter and jamb score result

==> WAEC or NECO result

==> School ID Card

==> Local Government identification Letter

==> invitation letter given to you by the scholarship should either print it out if sent to your email address and do not delete any message sent via text

==> photo card printed when applying for the scholarship if there is any

==> CDC chairman recommendation letter if required,some company do ask for such when applying for the scholarship

==> pencil and eraser as part of writing materials

==> take some money with you for petty spending like transport and feeding or purchasing of material for the don't want to start begging or sharing material with some one

those are the documents most scholarship company requires to verify candidates for their aptitude test or exam.but some of them may specify list of other documents which you are to bring along that may be found inside the invitation letter

so always abide by the rules and requirement stated by the scholarship company else you may end up not writing the test due to some silly mistake from your end.

also go to the exam center early before the time in other to meet Africa man time in this,so do what you have to do to be there can take your phone along but make sure you have a bag where you can keep it before the exam starts because you will not be allowed to use it in the exam hall.

also compose yourself,no need showing off your bad character in the exam center or talking trash.just respect yourself and any one you finds in the exam center because you don't know who is who.please take note of all this rules and requirements because it is one of the little stuffs that can disqualify some candidate from writing their scholarship exam.

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