Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Finally You Can Now Apply For NIIT 2014 Scholarship Online

finally you can now apply for the 2014 NIIT scholarship online which is their 15th annual National scholarship exercise.recently NIIT scholarship website was having problem and giving error when candidates tried to apply for the NIIT 2014 scholarship.due to this reason, they asked candidates to apply through their office.that is any one who wised to apply for the scholarship will have to go to the nearest NIIT office or center to get registered.but now the website is OK and responding if you wish to apply for it,then you can go ahead to apply for the ongoing NIIT 2014 scholarship online.

NIIT 2014 scholarship

just visit their official registration portal, you will see the registration option at the right side of the page,just insert your details and choose your preferred location where you would like to take the test, which should be your place of residence.

after registration,please print out the photo card before leaving the cyber cafe.note that the deadline to apply is 4th of Jully apply, visit

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