Saturday, June 28, 2014

How To Apply For 2014/2015 NLNG Scholarship

NLNG 2014/2015 scholarship registration has been on for some time now and most undergraduate student are finding it difficult to apply for it.well,the application portal for the 2014 NLNG scholarship is not difficult to navigate, all you need to do is to first register an account on the registration website which we have sent to you via SMS.the registration website requires that all undergraduate students who wish to apply for the 2014/2015 nlng scholarship must create a user account with them.i don't know why they made it so but i believe it solely made by nlng so it must be followed in other to apply for the scholarship, else you won't be allowed to submit your application on the website.for this purpose, i am going to share with you a detailed guide on how to apply for the 2014 / 2015 nlng scholarship successfully.

i have taking my time to go through the website and do some processing without any problem, so you too should not have any problem processing yours after reading this guide

how to apply for 2014/2015 NLNG undergraduate scholarship

==> visit the registration website we have sent to you via SMS alert.

==> when you get to the website, scroll down and click on the register button to create a user account.just fill your details accordingly to register.

==> after you are done with the registration of user account, you are not yet through as that is just the first will have to go to your email you used to create the user account to see if they have sent you an activation link,if you see any, then click on the activation link to activate your user account but if you did not see any message with link, then visit the website again and try to log in with the username and password you used to create the will be logged into the account.

==> if you are logged in successfully, you will see a message asking you to click a button to apply for the scholarship, just click it and start filling your personal and academic details

please fill in your details correctly.go through your details vefore clicking the submit button.

if everything goes well, you shouldn't have any problem with the registration.take note of the boxes where you will see asterisk.

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