Thursday, November 13, 2014

Names Of Shortlisted Candidate For 2014 NLNG Scholarship Exam Has Been Published

Names Of Shortlisted Candidate For 2014 NLNG Scholarship Exam Has Been Published. this is to inform all candidates who applied for 2014 NLNG Scholarship that NLNG have shortlisted names of candidate for the 2014 scholarship test/ if you applied for it or you know someone who did, then inform the person that NLNG Names of Shortlisted candidate For 2014 Test/Exam have been published.The List was published ON their official website at , so visit their website and logging with the username and password you used when you registered for the nlng scholarship.if you have a friend that applied for this, then inform them that Names Of Shortlisted Candidate For 2014/2015 NLNG Scholarship Exam Has Been Published

they will also send you an sms alert to notify you that your name have been shortlisted for the 2014/2015 NLNG scholarship aptitude test/exam.also, don't forget to check your email address if you did not get the alert.

 make sure to print all the required documents you are asked to print if your name is among those writing the visit and proceed with your loggin. visit .wish you success

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