Monday, December 8, 2014

Full List Of Names Of Shortlisted Candidates For SPDC Shell Scholarship Has Been Published.Check Yours

Full List Names of Shortlisted Candidates For Shell (SPDC) Scholarship Has Been Published.Check Yours.Names Of Shortlisted Candidate For 2014 SPDC SHELL Scholarship Exam Has Been Published .

this is to inform all candidates who applied for 2014 SPDC SHELL Scholarship that SPDC SHELL have shortlisted names of candidate for the 2014 scholarship test/ if you applied for it or you know someone who did, then inform the person that SPDC SHELL Full List Of Names of Shortlisted candidate For 2014 Test/Exam have been published .

The List was published and sent to the email and phone of shorlisted candidates and the date for the exam is on the 13th Of December 2014, so check yours.

if you have a friend that applied for this, then inform them that Names Of Shortlisted Candidate For 2013/2014 SPDC SHELL Scholarship Exam Has Been Published. they will also send you an sms alert to notify you that your name have been

shortlisted for the 2013/2014 SPDC SHELL scholarship aptitude test/exam .

also, don't forget to check your email address if you did not get the alert. make sure to print all the required documents you are asked to print if your name is among those writing the exam.

the date of the SPDC SHELL 2014 test/exam is on the 13th of december 2014.


This test will be administered via paper and pencil (PPT). You are requested to come along with the following:

1. Valid Student University ID-Card (and National ID-Card, or valid Driver’s License if owned).

2. Photocopy of WASC / GCE ‘O’ Level / SSCE Statement of Result.

3. Photocopy of A’ Level / NCE / IJMB / Remedial Result (if applicable)

4. Photocopy of Notification of JAMB Result (if applicable) and

5. Photocopy of JAMB or University Admission Letter.

6. Writing materials (including HB pencils and erasers)

7. A passport photograph (Please write out your full names with surname underlined at the back of your passport photograph).

8. And a print out of this email All these and your writing materials should be brought to the centre in a transparent file bag.


1. When you arrive, checks will be conducted for prohibited items at the gate of the test venue and entrance into the test hall.

2. When you are cleared from the gate, you are required be seated in the assigned class / hall, for accreditation, etc.

3. The test is timed, and will last approximately two hours.

4. Calculators are NOT allowed for this test. NOTE:

• Candidates will not be reimbursed for transportation at the test location on the test day.

However valid bank accounts held and provided by candidates shall be used for processing and payment at a later date.

Please note the account number provided MUST be in your own name. •

All electronic devices, including Cell Phones, USBs, Cameras, bags (personal belongings), packages etc. are prohibited at the Test Centres.

Candidates who refuse to comply with instructions will not be allowed to take the test.

• Lastly, “Wallets, Loitering – (Early arrival /Late departure); and Arrival with friend / escort” are banned from Test Centres. Candidates found attempting to cheat / beat the system will be disqualified.

Dragnet Solutions Limited. SPDC Scholarship Administrator

prepare before then. wish you success.

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