Monday, December 8, 2014

What Is A Scholarship

What is scholarship.lots of students do ask me this questions especially the 100 level student.this is one of the question one would definitely ask immediately they gain admission to the university but scholarship is not for only university has been for all regardless whether you are a primary,secondary or university student since its a general word used for sponsoring of ones education to a particular level.that being said, let me explain what scholarship means in a laymans what is a scholarship?.

A scholarship is a special grant/offer given to an individual which most especially students from various level of educational institutions or workers to carry on their studies or training while the company or individual sponsors provide the necessary resources awardees. this resources could be financial, aid, materials etc which will enable the awardee take on the course and provide little or no expenses.

Guess you understand what a scholarship means in general but let me take it further by making it specific to undergraduate scholarship for university students.

So what is an undergraduate scholarship?

Undergraduate scholarship is a form of program that enables undergraduate students from various higher/tertiary institution like university, college of education, polytechnic etc to take part in scholarship program which will aid their studies to any educational level as promised by the company or individual that is giving out such scholarship. In most cases, scholarship test/exam is been undertaken to screen out large number of applicants , there by selecting those that are qualified for the award.

After series of testing phases, the applicants who have passed the test/exam are being given the scholarship award to further their education to any education level as promised by the company or individual offering the scholarship program

in most cases, the company or individual the provide the scholarship program will pay the awardee financially or provide resourceful material to aid their education.

Every year, the awardees are being paid a sum to finance their educational expenses provided the company or individual made such as part of the scholarship scheme.

This is why many undergraduate students are looking for undergraduate scholarship opportunity to enable them reduce their expenses or further their education

undergraduate scholarship is for every undergraduate students be you from Nigerian university or foreign, you are eligible to take part in any scholarship program made open provided you are qualified to apply based on the requirements listed by the company or individual providing such scholarship program in Nigeria. That being said, i guess you won't like to miss out on any latest available scholarship for 100 level or 200 level undergraduate students in nigeria. Many students are not informed on time due to the rigorous academic activities on campus, so they miss out on this while others are smiling to the bank with the award, you could be that person.

some students may have the information but decided not to share with their friends because they want to bag the scholarship all to themselves, too bad.

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