Thursday, February 26, 2015

Scholarship Award Types To Select When Applying For The Agip/Naoc 2015 Scholarship

agip/naoc 2015 scholarship is around currently On but some undergraduate students are finding it difficult to apply for it because they are confused on which award type to select when applying. agip 2015 scholarship has two awards type which includes the Host community award and national merit award which are two different awards type.Lots of undergraduate students have been calling me with regards to agip scholarship, particularly with the host community and national award.most of them are confused as to which of the scholarship award types to select when applying for the agip 2015 scholarship.well, for those who are new on, i wrote an article on the differences between the host community and national merit award scholarship which you can read.i believe the article will clarify the both.

But for just a little explanation, let me just give a clue on what they mean and who are eligible to apply for host and national merit award scholarship which you can use for the ongoing agip scholarship.

Host community award scholarship or Area Of Operation Merit Award simply means it is strictly for those indigene of a particular state community where oil is been produced.simply put, it is meant for those indigene in oil producing area/community in particular.

Host community award can also be refer to Area Of Operation Merit Award

This means that even if it is not for all indigenes in the state.if your town is not mentioned among the host community in that state, that means you are not eligible to apply for any scholarship that strictly mentioned it is for host community regardless whether you are from the state where the community is must be an indigene from the community in question either by maternity or paternity ( mothers tow/fathers town).so if you are from the oil producing community in a particular state, then you can apply for the host community scholarship award but if you are not from oil producing community in a particular state, then the other option is for you which is the national merit award.

This is for every undergraduate students from various states in Nigeria as long as you have the required documents and eligibility, you can apply for the national merit scholarship award.

This scholarship award is for all undergraduate students in Nigeria if you are can read further on the differences by clicking link.

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