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List Of Shortlisted Candidates For 2015 / 2016 CHEVRON / NNPC Scholarship Exam Is Out

the 2015/2016 chevron scholarship list of shortlisted candidate names is out.this is to inform those students that applied for chevron / nnpc 2015 undergraduate scholarship that the list of shortlisted candidate has been if you know some one that applied for it, you can notify the person or if you applied for it, then you can go ahead to complete the remaining process by making a printout of what they required.

List Of Names Of Shortlisted Candidates For 2015 / 2016 CHEVRON / NNPC Scholarship Exam
if you are among those that have been shortlisted to write the chevron 2015 scholarship exam, then you should have been alerted via sms and the alert, you are directed to make the printout message sent to you via email and also you are expected to login to face of testing website to make an additional printout which you will take with you to the exam center.

the login details you are to use to logging to face of testing website should have been sent to you by chevron via sms or if you have not done that yet, you can visit

list of documents and writing materials to take along with you to exam center

==> the copies of the printout you were asked to print via email and face of testing website.also take along with you the uploaded documents that was signed by your HOD or DEAN when you were applying for the scholarship if any.

==> your school credentials like waec/neco result, jamb result, school id card, school admission letter, jamb admission letter, birth certificate or age declaration

==> local government letter of identification

==> take a pen and pencil.

==> go to the test center with enough money that would enable you transport yourself to the venue and also back to where you reside

==> go to the test center early enough before they start checking because there would be a bio-metric registration before the exam go early please.

==> don't take or enter the exam all mobile phone, gadgets, food stuffs etc to avoid disqualification

==> don't go there with calculator or bags because i am not sure if they would allow you make use of it

==> abide by the rules and free yourself from any cheats or expo that will implicate you in the exam center

HERE is chevron scholarship past questions and can use it for practice before going for the aptitude test,click on the link to get it CHEVRON SCHOLARSHIP PAST QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

Further Instructions And Guide For 2015/2016 NNPC/Chevron Scholarship Exam

Further to your application for the 2015/2016 NNPC/ CHEVRON JV National University Scholarship, you have been invited for an aptitude test.

The test has Two (2) sections: Verbal Reasoning and Numerical Reasoning

Date: 11-Jul-2015

Time: 9:00 AM

your username and password must have been sent to you by dragnet Nigeria, so make use of it to login to

The test will be administered electronically. Please ensure that you are at the centre with a print out of this email or a printout from

Do not arrive at the center earlier than 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the test for registration, and endeavor to arrive not later than 15 minutes before your scheduled test time

You are to come along with your NIN ID card or any other valid identification e.g. Student ID-Card, International Passport, National ID, or Driver’s License. (Note: Ordinary photographs or photographs stamped before being attached to an identification document are not acceptable).

The following are PROHIBITED at the Test Centre:

==> Electronic devices such as Calculators, Cell Phones, Tablets, USBs, Flash drives and Cameras.

==> Personal items such as Wallets, Dark Sunglasses, bags (personal belongings), packages etc.

==> Loitering – (Early arrival /Late departure) and arrival with a friend/escort

Candidates who refuse to comply with these instructions will not be allowed to take the test.

PLEASE NOTE: items such as Cash, Medicines (if required), Keys and your ID Cards should all be in a transparent nylon/Ziploc bag. Bodily searches on candidates may also be conducted


Checks will be conducted for prohibited items at the gate of the test venue and at the entrance into the test hall. After clearance from the gate, you are required to do a quick biometric registration. Candidates are advised to dress presentably as pictures taken during biometric registration are made available to the client. The test is timed, and will last approximately one hour

Your Username and Password are on this email and will be required to log into your test.

If you wish to change your test venue and time schedule, kindly log on to, click on change schedule and choose your preferred venue and time slot on or before 5th July, 2015


==> You will not be reimbursed for transportation at the test location on the test day.

==> Ensure you provide valid personal bank account details on your Scholastica account before 8th July, 2015 to be used for processing transportation reimbursement payment at a later date.

==> You will be reimbursed for transportation only if you partake in the aptitude test

==> Bank account must be in your own NAME

==> Bank account not in your name will not be reimbursed.

==> You are advised to confirm your bank account is functional before updating on your scholastica account.

For further enquiries PLEASE CONTACT DRAGNET NIGERIA Email: or contact the scholastica administrator via your scholastica account

please Abide by the rules and regulations of the exam practice, do not cheat else you will automatically be disqualified.
HERE is chevron scholarship past questions and can use it for practice before going for the aptitude test,click on the link to get it CHEVRON SCHOLARSHIP PAST QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS

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